In addition to her illustrious career in acting, Gaumaya Gurung holds a Masters in Optometry and has dedicated a decade to serving as an Optometrist. As a co-founder of the See Nepal Foundation, she champions the cause of providing professional eye healthcare and vision aids to rural communities in Nepal. Notably, in their recent eye camp in Dolpo, the See Nepal Foundation conducted eye tests for over 1070 patients, including students from local schools and an orphanage, providing spectacles to 350 individuals. Similarly, their previous camp in Gorkha in 2018 tested 456 villagers and distributed glasses to 294 of them.

Gurung's commitment to humanitarian efforts extends beyond Nepal. Recognized for her voluntary contributions, she received the Vision Aid Overseas Trustee Award in 2017 for her service in Zambia, Ghana, and Ethiopia. In these countries, she spearheaded outreach programs to provide eye care to underserved communities and conducted training sessions for optometry students.

Additionally, Gurung serves as the Vice President for Merging NepSocs (MNS), an organization uniting Nepali undergraduates, postgraduates, and young professionals in the UK. During the COVID-19 pandemic, MNS raised £12,672 to support 406 international Nepali students from 48 universities. Through an online helpline, they provided financial assistance to 271 students, distributed food aid to 64, and offered physical and mental health support to 8 individuals. Gurung played a pivotal role in these efforts and also collaborated with Ceasion Nepal to distribute oxygen cylinders, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to serving communities in need.

Throughout the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, she diligently initiated weekly online wellbeing sessions for the spouses of Gurkha veterans, spanning an age range from 45 to 80 years, over the course of a year. Collaborating with esteemed colleagues including Pushpa, Janaki, and Dr. Sanjay, under the auspices of BGNA UK, she ensured a nurturing environment for the participants' holistic health and wellness needs.

In 2011, she orchestrated a  charity dinner aimed at fundraising to bolster the noble cause of CNN Hero Maggie Doyne, supporting the establishment of a counseling center at Kopila Valley School in Surkhet. The year 2012 witnessed her embarking on an arduous trek to the Everest Base Camp, leveraging the endeavor to raise vital funds for the commendable efforts of Childreach Nepal. Concurrently, she convened the "Anekta ma Ekata" event, fostering unity among Nepali university students and fostering a sense of collective purpose. She also volunteered in Paralympics 2012 in the Press Operations Team at North Greenwich Wheelchair Basketball Arena.

In 2013, her philanthropic endeavors extended to support a library space at Hanuman School, Jajarkot, through the provision of 1000 children's storybooks and novels, in collaboration with Shiksha Nepal. Following the devastating earthquake in 2015, she mobilized resources to provide blankets to families grappling with the aftermath of the catastrophe. Additionally, she lent her expertise and compassion to a cataract surgery camp led by Tilganga Eye Hospital in Liwang, Rolpa, reaffirming her commitment to serving communities in need.

Her journey of altruism commenced in 2009 with the inception of the "Mukti" initiative, aimed at fundraising for Maiti Nepal alongside co-founders Samari, Samikchha, and Laxmi. Through the innovative showcase of documentaries and merchandise crafted by survivors of human trafficking, she facilitated the provision of sewing machines and a crowdfunding campaign to establish a rescue center in Delhi.

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